Short trips

There are numerous opportunities to trip around Lovech within a single day without need of additional accommodation. Here you will find several teasing pictures and we will be happy to give you more detailed information and brochures on site.

The Krushuna waterfalls (approx. 18 km from Lovech) offer you the opportunity to make a healthy walk through the nature.

When you get to the waterfalls, you will be rewarded a beautiful view. The spring water drops down from more than twenty meters high rocks and gives you a splendid refreshment.

It is always a good idea to take some fresh food with you and make a picnic. 


The Devetashka cave (approx. 15 km northeast from Lovech) is another worthy place to visit, close to the Krushuna waterfalls.

It is one of the biggest caves in Bulgaria – 2.5 km long and up to 35 meters high. Archeological excavations have proved that the cave have first been inhabited since 50.000 years ago until the Middle Ages.

The Devetashka cave has been declared a monument of the culture with an international significance.


The Saeva dupka (Saeva hole) cave is located about 35 km far from Lovech. It is mostly depicted as the best known and visitor-friendly cave in the land.

The Saeva hole cave is called after two brothers from the resistance against the Ottomans who used the cave as a hide. There is also a plenty of evidence that the cave has been inhabited during the stone age.

The cave is round about 3,5 mio. years old. Its four halls and 400 meters of corridors offer some of the most beautiful cave formations in Bulgaria e.g. the stone waterfall on the picture.


The Troyan monastery is located about 30 km far from Lovech in the vicinity of Troyan.

It is the third largest monastery in Bulgaria. The ornate exterior and interior of the monastery are abundantly painted according to the orthodox tradition of the Bulgarian church.


Most important to see are the wall paintings “Wheel of Life”, “Doomsday”, and the highly controversial for its time self-portrait of the painter Zachary Zograph.


The Troyan monastery is a home of one of the holiest icons in the Bulgarian Orthodoxy – the Three Handed Virgin.