Must-see’s in Lovech


The Covered bridge

The old town Varosha 

The medieval Lovech fortress 

The Levski monument 


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On request we can arrange a rent-a-bike service for a healthy, convenient and environment-friendly sightseeing ride through the town.



The Covered bridge



 The 106 m long Covered bridge (bulg.: Pokrit most) crosses the Osam river, connecting the old town Varosha with the new town parts of Lovech. It was constructed about 140 years ago by the distinguished Bulgarian architect Kolyu Ficheto and became the most recognizable symbol of Lovech.

Nowadays the Covered bridge accommodates a number of traditional craft and souvenir shops.


If you come along the Covered bridge, don’t miss our traditional craft workshop at the left end heading up the Oldtown Varosha. There you will find a plenty of self-made souvenirs and authentic gifts.


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The old town Varosha


Varosha is the name of the old town of Lovech which is nowadays under state protection as a cultural and architectural reserve.


Varosha offers you the opportunity to visit the historical museum, the biggest museum of Vassil Levski in land, as well as our old orthodox church.


There is a plenty of good places in Varosha where you can explore and enjoy the Bulgarian national cuisine in an authentic tavern atmosphere.


And… don’t worry about our Cyrillic script – in the most cases you will be given a card in English.


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The medieval Lovech fortress



 The Lovech fortress was first founded by Romans about 1,800 years ago with up to three meters thick and up to eight meters tall stone walls in order to defeat “barbarian” invasions.


 As we can see nowadays, the fortress failed to fulfill its role. It was taken and reinforced by the Bulgarians about 1,300 years ago.


 After the fall of the First Bulgarian empire and the occupation through the Byzantine empire, the Second Bulgarian empire was found in the Lovech fortress.


Thereupon, about 700 years ago Lovech became one of the most flourishing trade and craft centers of Bulgaria and even succeeded to Bulgarian capital.



The Levski monument



The monument of the most inspiriting Bulgarian revolutionary and ideologist of the modern republic Levski surmounts the landscape of Lovech. It has been erected on the highest point of the nature park Stratesh hills because of the pivotal role Lovech played in Levski’s resistance network against the Ottoman enslaving over the Bulgarian state about 130 years ago.


Learn more about Levski’s lifework and personality (link to history).


Nowadays, the biggest museum of Vassil Levski in Bulgaria is located in the Old town Varosha. It accommodates a number of personal items, notebooks, and weapons.